Nate Stone

Nate Stone is a singer/songwriter from Flagstaff, Arizona that has been making music for ten years. In 2006 his band Mercy Fall released an album on Atlantic Records and spent a majority of that year touring the country.

Nate Stone
"Love & Tragedy"

In 2008 his perspective on life, on music, even on success changed drastically. When his band returned from the road they found othemselves back where we started; unsuccessful, broke, and without a record deal. I became extremely depressed and confused. With all the work that we put into this, how could this happen? Nate realized that his contentment in life was completely hinged on the success of the band and that even if they became wildly successful he would never be happy. And so he tossed out that desire to become famous and revered. He decided that his desires in the past have been selfish and unimportant and learned that he was unwilling to let success or failure define him as a person or as an artist.

“Love & Tragedy” is the first step in a new journey for Nate; a new direction in life and in his music.

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