Pictures of Then

PICTURES OF THEN is a collision of contradictions that teeters between past and present without staking claim in either. The band simultaneously waxes nostalgic yet aches for transformation. Their sound is hauntingly familiar; the kind of music your parents would’ve listened to had they been hip instead of hippies; the songs Generation X would have written if only they’d discovered their voices sooner. It’s a tribute to how things never were—but should have been.

PICTURES OF THEN has toured extensively, including appearances at CMJ Music Marathon, South by Southwest, Red Gorilla Music Fest, and Midpoint Music Festival. Named a top 11 Emerging Artist by Summerfest (Milwaukee), selected as a Emerging Artist by Paste Magazine, and are the winners of Billboard Magazine’s 2010 Battle Royale competition.

“Here’s a band that seems destined for bigger audiences and greater acclaim.” ~THE ONION

“Their masterful mash-up of folk and rock will no doubt have listeners on board for a voyage.”

“An amazing blend of reverent classicism and modern vision…always tasteful, completely infectious.”

Pictures Of Then

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