Say Hello To The Angels

It all started in the summer of 2006, although if the truth is to be told, the roots of Say Hello To The Angels had taken seed years ago. As peers, Riddlin’ Kids’ member Dustin Stroud and Rubberhed’s Ben and Raymond Benitez were well aware of each other’s talents; all Texas natives, the bands enjoyed a friendly battle of dominance over Austin’s ceaseless music scene. While Riddlin’ Kids would eventually go on to sell over a hundred thousand albums worldwide, the grip of the music industry wringer would take its toll on the band and its members. Their split seemed an unfortunate inevitability; Rubberhed soon too dispersed, contributing further to the vacuum of a once vibrant Texas scene.

The call of music was simply too great to resist however, and the three soon started playing together with a devout ‘no-strings-attached’ credo – this was music for the fun of it, with the ‘business’ aspect well in their collective rearview mirror. Much to their surprise, the trio’s off-the-cuff jam sessions quickly evolved into the rock-punk hybrid known today as Say Hello To The Angels. Full of aggressive guitar attacks, driving-yet-melodic vocals and energetic percussion, the band’s sound was both familiar to the member’s previous fans, as well as instantly recognizable as a step into new and boundary-pushing territory.

Determined to breathe new life into a scene dominated by the industry’s bottom line, the band adopted an ethical stance that followed in the footsteps of their musical heroes such as Fugazi, Black Flag and Refused. True to their DIY roots and the scene’s charitable leanings, Say Hello To The Angels have helped countless non-denominational, non-partisan causes to date.

With a solid lineup in place, rounded out by bass guitarist Kevin Sparks, the band’s vision of Say Hello To The Angels has burst into reality. High profile shows alongside Dynamite Boy, River City High, Cruiserweight and Born To Lose have elevated their live set to new energetic heights, their self-titled debut EP has drawn raves from such respected national periodicals as Amp, Loud Fast Rules! and Altercation Magazine, and their tough-to-pin-down sound has drawn comparisons to groups ranging from the Foo Fighters to Rise Against.

Say Hello To the Angels

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