Jensen Reed

Forget About the Cameras, the highly anticipated new CD from Jensen Reed is scheduled for release in July 2011. Guest performers include Skylar Grey, superbeautiful, and Silla of Binary Star.

The album is a diverse blend of pop, hip-hop, and alternative music that blurs the lines of classification, yet retains fluidity and consistency throughout.  At times, dark and introspective, the album still seamlessly exudes an inspired and uplifting impression. Lyrically insightful, Reed weaves the words of a journey an artist believing in himself embarks upon.

Praise for Forget About The Cameras:

“On his new album, Jensen Reed slides through hip hop with an unshakable rock ‘n’ roll swagger. Reed’s airtight flow fans the flame at the heart of songs like “Believe” and “Sunset”. – USA Today

“This North Carolina-born, Los Angeles-based artist is about to flip the script on the game forgetting about the glitz, glamour, and the cameras, and hitting the mic harder than anyone”. – Artist Direct



  • House of Lies (Showtime) (2012) – “Do Your Thing”
  • Made (Cheerleaders) (MTV)(2011) – “Hit The Ground Runnin'”, “Outta Sight (feat. Ee-De)
  • 40 Greatest Pranks (VH1)(2011) – “Do Your Thing”
  • Basketball Wives (VH1) (2011)
  • Friday Night Lights (NBC) (2010) – “Outta Sight (feat. Ee-De)” – Waiting In Line EP
  • World Of Jenks (MTV) (2010) – “Hustle” (no album), “Going Under (feat. Holly Brook)” – Forget About The Cameras
  • The City (MTV) (2010) – “Going Under (feat. Holly Brook)”, “That Something” – Forget About The Cameras
  • Made (MTV) (2010) – “Four Corners” – Waiting In Line EP, “West Coast” (no album)
  • Basketball Wives (VH1) (2010) – “Do Your Thing” – Forget About The Cameras
  • Quiero Mi Boda (MTV) (2010) – “Do Some Damage” (no album)
  • From G’s to Gents (MTV) (2009) – “Do Some Damage” (no album)
  • Nike Commercial (2010) – “Hustle”Red Bull Motocross Event (2010) – “Sunset”
  • Red Bull FreeRunning Event Austria (2010) – Find Your Way – Forget About The Cameras
  • CBS Sports Snowboarding/Skiing (2009) – “Hearing The Blues” (no album), “Do Your Thing” – Forget About The Cameras
  • CBS Sports Wakeboarding/Freeskiing (2009) – “The Last Overlook” – Waiting In Line EP
  • CBS Sports Snowboard Finals (2009) – “Do Your Thing” – Forget About The Cameras


  • I Melt With You (2011) – “Do Your Thing”
  • Off Season (webseries 2011) – “After The War (feat. superbeautiful)”, “How It Goes”, “Hit The Ground Runnin'”, “Find Your Way” and “That Something”.
  • The Messenger (Academy Award Nominated) (2009) – “Waiting In Line (feat. Lindsey Whittington)”, “Outta Sight (feat. Ee-De) – Waiting In Line EP


Start the jukebox to stream the album:

  1. Find Your Way   download
  2. Belladonna (feat Silla of Binary Star)   download
  3. Hit The Ground Runnin’ download
  4. Sunset (featuring Lauren Mayhew & Ryan Blakely Smith) download

  download a zip file with all the tracks here: ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD.


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