#NewMusic Weekend: Guy Forsyth, The Maccabees, Deaf Havana, Future of the Left, Lacrymosa

The top five staff picks this week from Sempahore Music

1.  Guy Forsyth (Austin) “If I Was Sick” @guy_forsyth

2.  The Maccabees (London) “Went Away” @themaccabees

3.  Deaf Havana (Norfolk) “We Used to Talk” @deafhavana

4.  Future of the Left (Cardiff) “Sheena Is a T-shirt Salesman” @futureoftheleft

5.  Lacrymosa (New York) “Not About Want” @iamlacrymosa

5-19-12 Semaphore Music Top 5 on Spotify


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Austin Indpendent Radio Day Show! 3/15 at the Dogwood: Quiet Company, Nic Armstrong, The Couch, White Dress, The Wheeler Brothers, Mike & The Moonpies, Love Minus Flowers, Stephen Sowan, James Hyland and the Joint Chiefs and Christy Hays & Her Sunday Best

We are co-sponsoring an awesome day party with Austin Independent Radio during #SXSW Music on March 15!  And it’s FREE! Doors open at 11 am and there will be music all day until 7pm at the Dogwood, 715 W. 6th (btwn West and Rio Grande)  RSVP with Do512 click here!  Please come out and support AIR and these great Austin artists!

AIR has put together an amazing lineup of some of the best Austin bands!

Quiet Company (our “New Music Weekend Pick” several times!)

Nic Armstrong

The Couch

White Dress

The Wheeler Brothers

Mike & The Moonpies

Love Minus Flowers

Stephen Sowan

James Hyland and the Joint Chiefs and

Christy Hays & Her Sunday Best

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#NewMusic Monday: Jess Moskaluke, Storm Queen, St. Spirit, Axis Of, Life Size Maps

Staff picks from Semaphore Music

1.  Jess Moskaluke (Langenburg, Saskatchewan) “Catch Me If You Can” @jessmoskaluke

2.  Storm Queen (Brooklyn) “Look Right Through”

3.  St. Spirit (Crystal Palace) “Pigeon” @stspirituk

4.  Axis Of (Port Stewart) “We Dine on Seeds” @axisof

5. Life Size Maps (Brooklyn) “Weird Luck” @lifesizemaps

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#NewMusic Weekend: Jessie Baylin, Atlas : Empire, Forest Fires, Frankie Rose, Keyboard Kid

1. Jessie Baylin (Los Angeles) “Hurry Hurry” @jessiebaylin

2.  Atlas : Empire (Glasgow) “At the Edge of the Ravine” @atlasempireuk

3. Forest Fires (Aberdeen) “Best Intentions” @Forest_Fires

4.  Frankie Rose (Brooklyn) “Soma” @missfrankierose

5.  Keyboard Kid (Seattle) “Breathe In”  @keyboardkid206

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Music we love: @RoccoDeLuca

A great clawhammer student and protégé of Dan Lanois, Rocco DeLuca.

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New Music Weekend: Toy Horses, Devin Therriault, Matt Bailie, Raffertie, Lissy Trullie

Staff picks from Semaphore Music

1.  Toy Horses (Cardiff) “And It Was You” @toyhorses

2.  Devin Therriault (New York) “I Don’t Think I” @devin_music

3.  Matt Bailie (Nashville) “Everyday You” @Mattbailiemusic

4.  Raffertie (London) “One Track Mind” @raffertie

5.  Lissie Trullie (New York) “It’s Only You, Isn’t It?” @untrullie

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Free Download: Twenty Questions for New Artists

We wrote this article to help artists (mostly bands) get themselves organized.  It’s a plain english checklist type piece that covers the common issues for new artsits.  It’s free to download and link to!

Download Twenty Questions for New Artists also available as podcasts on iTunes.

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New Music: Shooter Jennings, Allison Weiss, First Aid Kit, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Jacques Lu Cont

Staff picks from Semaphore Music

1. Shooter Jennings (Nashville) “The Deed and the Dollars” @shooterjennings

2. Allison Weiss (Brooklyn) “I Was an Island” @allisonweiss

3. First Aid Kit (Stockholm) “I Met Up With the King” @firstaidkitband

4. Benjamin Francis Leftwich (York) “Atlas Hands” @benleftwich

5. Jacques Lu Cont (Reading) “Tracques” @jacqueslucont

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Guest Post: 8 Things Spotify Could Do Right Now to Show They Care About Musicians

By Gavin Castleton, a songwriter and producer from Portland, OR.  Follow him on Twitter @gavincastleton.  Gavin’s Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/gavincastletonmusic and his excellent Tumblr commentary page is http://gavincastleton.tumblr.com

Copyright 2012 Gavin Castleton.  Used by permission of the author.

  • Promoting “Buy Now” links on album pages and next to individual tracks.
  • Allowing artists to edit their own profiles.
  • Displaying links to artists’ websites, FB pages, twitter profiles, etc.
  • Allowing users to “Like” and “Follow” an artist right from the Artist page.
  • Allowing users to sign up for artists’ email list from the Artist page.
  • Serving ads in a way that did not encourage users to interrupt their listening mid-album/playlist in order to listen to or do something else.
  • Paying independent artists the same rates as major label artists (One could argue that major labels should be paid lower rates than independents, since their overall revenue from Spotify is offset by an 18% share of the company).
  • Paying artists a flat rate for their streams, instead of tying their royalty rate to advertising revenue over which the artist has no control. Artists should not be taking on risk along with Spotify unless they’re also given stock options in the company. The current Spotify model treats artists like investors but without any [equity-type] long-term benefits.

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New Music Monday: Brendan Benson, King Krule, The Twin Shadow, Simian Ghost, Twin Atlantic

Staff picks from Semaphore Music

Brendan Benson (Nashville) “Spit it Out”  @_brendanbenson

King Krule (London) “Noose of Jah City” @truepanther

The Twin Shadow (Brooklyn) “Castles in the Snow” @thetwinshadow

Simian Ghost (Sandviken) “Wolf Girl” @simianghost

Twin Atlantic (Glasgow) “Time for You to Stand Up” @twinatlantic

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